The definition The music:

It is an art and cultural activity consisting of combining sounds and silences over time. A combination of sounds and rhythm, It is today considered a form of modern poetry.
Music gives rise to creations like for example
works of art created by composers, performances. It uses some rules or systems of composition, from the simplest to the most complex (often the notes of music, scales and others). She can use various objects, body, voice, but also specially designed musical instruments, and more and more all sounds (concrete, syntheses, abstract, etc.).
Music has existed in all the cultures of the world, since very long before even Prehistory. It is used in the form of expression, a way to express individual feelings, also music a source of collective gathering and pleasure (party, song, dance) and symbol of a cultural, national or spiritual community (anthem national, traditional music, folk music, religious music, military music, etc.) Music is a source of joy and comfort, in all good or bad moments, there are sounds adapted because its effect on the brain is undeniable.

According to Christian belief, the art of singing came from heaven. Angels sing the Glory of God. The chief of praise and worship was Lucifer before disobedience.

According to history, It is in China, 2500 years before our era that one finds the first theory of the music. the first instruments were made by the Chinese. Since then, the importance of music has been observed among all civilizations: Asian, Western, African, American and others …
Although the exact origin of the music remains a subject for discussion the effects are scientifically proven, and the power of the music exceeds any imagination.
And I believe that the power of music is hidden in its origin!
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