The origins of the lovers’ day

Valentine’s Day also called the feast of the
Saint-Valentine is the feast of famous lovers celebrated every year on February 14th! Originally is a Western Christian festival which celebrated two saints named Valentinus. After years folds it became a Christian, commercial and culturally world important event. Valentine ‘s Day is a feast of romantic love, but with time it becomes also the day of affection. No country has recognized Valentine’s Day as a holiday.
It has its traditional origins in Anglo-Saxon countries, but the majority of historians believe that Valentine’s Day originated in the Roman Antique tradition. Already exists several differences in the real origin of Valentine’s day.


 Valentine or Saint Valentine of Rome

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Saint Valentine of Rome was imprisoned for refusing to obey the orders of Emperor Claudius II Gothic, he celebrated forbidden marriages for soldiers and administered to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire. Clause II prohibited marriages of soldiers so that these young soldiers would not be tempted to stay with their fiancees or new married women instead of going to war. Valentine of Rome defied the authority of the sovereign and he was imprisoned. During the prison time, he met Julia the blind girl,
His Judge ‘s daughter (both fell in love) and he would have restored her sight by a miracle.
Before being executed( year 269) he wrote her farewell letter


Happy Valentine’s day wishes and Valentine’s day quotes

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1- May my little greeting card be like a beautiful butterfly floating in your dreams, flying like a happy bird in your dream flower, singing a song of blessings: Happy Valentine’s Day!

2-I have never tried to change anything in me, My love for you has changed all in me. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Béa M.

3- I never imagined that someone would make me so happy … You are special, you fill me and you make sense of my life. I love you! Happy Valentine!

4- Now let’s plant the seeds of love so that tomorrow we will reap the fruits of happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day.

5-Love does not need to be explained, only to be lived! I love you forever today it is another opportunity to tell you how loved you are. Happy  Valentine ‘s Day.

6- May you reach out your hand of love and accept the blessings of my profit; let the bright roses bloom and welcome Valentine’s Day we share.

7-On this special day, maybe I should not be looking for you, but I hope you can feel my deep blessing in the distance: Happy Valentine’s Day!

8- In this loving season, I want to send you a bouquet of blooming roses and countless blessings! I hope the fragrance of this rose will release the sweet care and thoughts of you, Happy Valentine!

9- Love is a strange existence. It’s a sting and it’s inspiring. It’s painful and at the same time so sweet. Love is me and you live our lives together. Happy Valentine’s Day to us.

10-Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day. I do not have a declaration of dazzling love, nor a promise of love between sea and stone. But, I want to say to you: I love you more than a second! Happy Valentine!

11-The most romantic story has no end, the happiest love has no words, only mutual understanding. My lover, everything is in the air! I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

12-Dear, my love for you is as deep as the sea and as high as the sky. Happy Valentine!

13-Your goodness is only a summary of your beauty, inside and out, as Valentine ‘s Day is only a door to express my infinite love for you. Happy Valentine’ s Day!

14- No one has ever spoken to my heart as you do. You move me with everything that you are, and everything you do.

15- May our love keep us united for eternity! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy valentine’s day.

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