A human being has the choice of many things, but since the world exists no one has won the biggest prize of all time CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY. You do not choose your family.

It’s not because you hate them that they’re not related to you. You will always share this strongest blood tie
It means that you are forever attached whether you like it or not.

To say that the family is sacred does not mean the absence of conflicts, the most important is to strive for a compromise and protect unbreakable blood tie, find a way so everybody will do his best and preserve this most precious gift.

In case of conflicts everyone gets the legal vote the blame is the other one, but one thing is even if it is the case the fault should not win over the reason for being who you are.

Here is the key to resolving family conflicts.

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1. Schedule a time for positive communication

Avoid pointing to others or make accusations because no one is holy everyone has a black folder. It must communicate with respect and value others. This will help to start calm and soothe the spirits.

2. Make your goal of reconciling yourself

Avoid playing the judge, thinking that everything is fine on your side,
that other family members come to apologize to you. Because if everyone finds himself in the same positions it will be very difficult for everyone. Remember that the goal is to improve things, but not to win on others.

3. Know the origin of the problem

Determine the root of the problem from the beginning and clearly state how it bothers, listen to others, their opinions, fears, inquiries
Avoid feeling diminished or frustrated if your name is ever quoted in anything, after all, it is a page in the book of life, write it as it is.


4. Listen without interrupting.

Make an effort to listen even if it bothers you. Active listening is about identifying the other person’s tone and body language, allowing them to speak without interruption or remark, and make sure you understand.

Listening motivates others to want to listen to you, it also serves to relax the atmosphere, and rebuilds trust in the group.

5. Evaluate and value the point of view of each member.

The evaluation shows the other that you recognize it, since valorization means that you accept their thoughts, their opinions. Even though your own opinions may differ greatly, but validating demonstrates that you consider the other person as human, use the words of respects, emphasize the positive elements that you recognize from other family members.

6. Find a solution together.

Once everyone has expressed, his concerns, opinions, fears is a time to look for a compromise. Each person gives suggestions
All family members should feel good about the proposed solution. Write everything and make a commitment to respect it.

If you are unable to resolve your conflicts, ask for help from family members as uncles or friends or a specialist.

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