What are the most popular   grandmothers remedies ?

What are the most popular grandmothers remedies ?


Lemon juice, yarrow ointment, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar


Oily lotion with pepper,Cabbage leaf, tincture of arnica ,rosemary poultice

Gastric acidity

Meadow herbal tea, potato juice,Baking soda, calami herbal tea, melissa water

Body aches

Roman chamomile decoction

Bloating (flatulence)

Laurel tea, herbal tea  against flatulence, clove tincture, tincture of dandelion roots,Star anise tea  (star anise), angelic tea

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Eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of hot water

Injuries (wounds)

Calendula tincture, white lily tincture, yarrow decoction, millefeuille poultice,  yarrow ointment

Skin Burn

Aloe (aloe gel), potato, yarrow ointment, coconut oil

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Stomach burn

Baking soda, calami herbal tea, lemon balm water, tea queen-of-meadows, potato juice, apple cider vinegar


Tea mate,artichoke decoction

Hair loss

Grandmother’s Recipe Sprouted Wheat, Gelatin ( Very Healthy)


Aloe gel


cabbage juice, linseed, senna tea, tomato juice, cascara decoction, fruit juice pineapple, decoction of rhubarb,Magnesium chloride, laxative herbal tea, rhubarb tea, buckthorn tea, buckthorn decoction, psylli seeds, castor oil.

Muscle cramps

Tincture of rosemary, ginger juice


Jasmine tea, St. John’s wort tea, herbal tea “good mood”

Indigestion (digestive disorders)


Strawberry juice (transit regulation), tincture of oregano, tarragon dye, galangal tincture, hop tincture, clove tea, oregano tea, herbal tea, juniper berry tea,Digestive herbal tea, yarrow tea, fennel tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, absinthe tea, gentian tea, milk thistle tea, boldo tea, cinnamon tea, laurel tea, herbal tea, thyme tincture, lemon balm tincture, yarrow tincture, chamomile tincture, melissa water, maceration of yellow gentian, milk thistle decoction.


lavender for sleeping, hop sachet,valerian herbal tea, valerian tincture, lemon balm tea, herbal tea for sleep, linden tea, orange blossom tea.

Food poisoning

Apple cider vinegar


Tincture of feverfew

Nausea and vomiting

Ginger herbal tea, galangal tea, galangal tincture

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Dry skin

Sweet almond oil, olive oil, elderflower cream, aloe gel, coconut oil.


Essential oil of dill


Inhalation of thyme (cold inhalation), physiological saline, ginger tea, inhalation of rosemary, cold onion, lemon juice, compound eucalyptus inhalation


Honey milk (effective, scientifically proven)
Acacia honey, Garlic syrup,thyme tea

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