How to be a good person

There aren’t any specific methods as to which help you become a better person , you don’t necessarily even have to be “happy all the time” to be a good person , the only perspective that matters is yours.

What to be Humanitarian mean?

To be humanitarian is to engage in actions of the promotion of the welfare of the humans and to fight for the access of a worthy social life.

It is to have a heart full of love and compassion, is to become a person without prejudice, to go to the people who are in need, the people who are often in the most vulnerable situations, victims of social injustices. Most of them are rejected, forgotten, despised and hated. victims of racial hatred, ethnic, demographic, political conflict, and suffering related to sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.

The mission of a humanitarian is to save lives, to ease the suffering of fighting for change. Sometimes a humanitarian must deprive himself of his comfort for the sake of others and his ultimate goal is to preserve human dignity.

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